Ruukku – Centre for Food Culture is an organisation aiming at increasing the knowledge and respect for food and food culture in a practical way. The concept behind all Ruukku’s activity is to turn the food knowledge into know-how. The core values are wellbeing of the individuals, sense of community, participation, as well as joy and taste of food.makumestari

The Taste School

The main target groups are children and families. Ruukku’s focus is in providing food education for the families, mainly using the Taste School technique that is based on the Sapere food education method. Ruukku organizes courses, training and events for both families and educators at the primary and elementary school level.

The Taste School method is a positive way to explore the world of food and to familiarize oneself with new foods, especially different kinds of vegetables. The method encourages the use of all five senses when familiarising with food. Using all five senses contributes to overall experience of food, making the tasting and eating more fun. The method highlights that we all have our unique ways of sensing food and that all experiences are equally right.

The Taste Artist project

The Centre for Food Culture established the Taste Artist project, funded primarily by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry during 2015-2016. The project includes food events in ten cities around Finland with harvesting theme. The events are targeted for families with children aged 6-12 years, with no admission fees. The main part of the events is a sense path, based on the Taste School method, during which the visitors get to explore food using all of their senses. The sense path is designed to suit for both children and adults. The aim is to increase the knowledge and enthusiasm about food and therefore increase the resourcefulness of the diets of children and their families.